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SAVARD offers custom-built crossovers separately, specifically designed to ensure the SQ 3" woofer works in seamless conjunction with SAVARD SQ Tweeters and other components. The engineered crossover is adjustable allowing gain matching between the woofer and tweeter with the Rip of a switch. This allows ability to set the Tweeter output to match listening preferences based on mounted location of woofers. The Tweeter is also protected by a thermal fuse which will shut off the Tweeter when power exceeds ratings. The fuse will immediately auto reset once power/heat reduces to a safe level. The RAP Crossover Network is encased within a durable polypropylene housing with removable lid for easy install. The mid-range speaker crossover includes overbuilt precision coils resulting in a 3db/octave attenuation (Low Pass), while the Tweeter crossover features commercial grade Coils and Capacitors resulting in a 6db/octave attenuation (High Pass). 

SAVARD offers 4 version of handbuilt crossovers for those of you who are wiring directly to amp without and active crossover/DSP.


SQ 2-Way Crossover

This crossover is for applications where you are wanting to add an SQ 3” Coax to an already existing mid-bass speaker.. This distribution crossover sets the xover points for both your SAVARD SQ 3” Coax and your mid-bass woofer.

500hz HP @-6db

400hz LP @-6db


SQ 3-Way Crossover (SQ-3wpx)

For use when adding a SAVARD SQ 3” Mid and SQ Tweeter to your setup. If you already have a bass woofer and tweeter, you can add a SAVARD 3” mid to your setup with this crossover to support improving clarity and removing distortion. This distribution crossover sets the xover points for all of your components;SAVARD Tweeter, SAVARD SQ 3” Mid and your mid-bass woofer.




Inline - SQ Neo Tweeter Crossover (SQ-tx)

When adding only a SAVARD Tweeter to your system, this allows you to tie into your existing output with proper protections to your tweeter

12db High Pass crossover @ ____fs


Inline - SQ 3” Coaxial Crossover (SQ-3px)

When adding only an SQ 3” Coax to your system, this inline crossover allows you a plug and play solution.

High Pass- Coax only crossover @ _____ fs

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