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In 1969 (12 years, before Thiele and Small Parameters Bill Savard, a Psychology student at Louisiana State University, was convinced that by understanding Human nature, and the respective subculture we could predict human behavioral reactions to Acoustical stimulus by controlling Dynamic Range, Frequency Range, Transient Response, and Efficiency (relative to frequency) etc... In other words, we could Slam, Jam, Bump, Rock, or Chill at an unprecedented level with home, club, or car audio speaker systems and cabinets that were designed to put out not only great quality sound but so embellish on those frequencies that humans naturally had increased levels of reactions to.


In 1985, the new trend toward high-performance car audio caught Bill's attention. He studied the new sound of interest and created a new company with the mission of creating a line of truly high-performance speakers that the average listener could afford. In 1991, Savard introduced the Mass Control Disc for the Hi-Q series of sub-woofers, which excelled in small sealed enclosures, and developed somewhat of a cult following for what may have been the only high-quality prefabricated bandpass systems ever produced.​​

Our Mission

Imagine sitting center stage and fifth row at a concert held by your favorite band. You can feel the intensity and clarity of each and every note of the drum solo, guitar solo, and hear vocals organically. Enjoying a sound system capable of putting the listener “center stage & fifth row" is a compelling and captivating experience. At Savard, We strive to design and engineer quality high-performance speakers and speaker systems that any audiophile could afford.

This is why we are bringing back the known quality of Savard products one component at a time. Savard will be re-introducing each product, reengineered using the latest technologies, all the while maintaining the durability and quality performance long associated with the Savard brand.


SAVARD aims to provide QUALITY high-performance woofers for a wide range of applications. However, there is no perfect speaker. While one woofer may be an exceptional choice for a bass driver it will tend to lack in other areas of the frequency spectrum. Because of this, SAVARD’s R&D team has designed each line of product to excel in its own specific areas of the frequency spectrum.


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