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What do the models mean and how to use them??

Rap: medium to large ported boxes or Band pass

Hi-Q: medium to small ported boxes or Sealed

Pro: large enclosure for highest levels of SQ


Which is better?

  • Do you have a lot of space and want a large box for an efficient build? We recommend Rap/Pro (big amp not needed) (Large car boxes or home/pro application)

  • Do you want a smaller box but have deep bass with the power to push? We recommend HiQ (Common in Car audio)


HiQ Series

This unique woofer is designed to provide maximum bass and while maintaining the smoothest transient response in medium to small sized enclosures. Sealed/Ported. American designed with leading industry materials. The superior smooth sound qualities are contributed to precision, craftsmanship, and an overbuilt SAVARD copper aluminum (CCAW) voice coil housed on a black anodized (BAA) aluminum former. These combinations reduce sluggish cone weight and improve sound quality beyond our competitors. Rest assured, the Hi-Q Series is designed for the most SPL output for a given amount of input Power. **More for Less**. Whether smooth responsive bass or Series high SPL is what you are looking for, the Hi-Q’s Output and Durability is unsurpassed.


RAP Series

The RAP Series woofer has been designed to work well in any enclosure design. This woofer has proven success in vented and bandpass enclosure designs for low end bass. Can be used as a mid bass in sealed. Efficient voice coils, lightweight cones and a Rubatex surround are the characteristics that will provide maximum output with only minimal input power. The Rap Series woofer has set many SPL records throughout the auto sound industry.

Pro Series

Savard’s Pro Woofers provide a smooth, clean, or extremely deep high SPL bass response for any application. By using overbuilt voice coils and Kapton bobbins, the Pro driver can sustain a maximum power. The durable, non-corrosive and heat resistant aspects of the Professional voice coil will give the listener clean, responsive bass throughout the woofers long life span. A accordion style surround provides long-lasting tight acoustical suspension for sound quality and performance. For use in SQ sound systems for bass or mid range. Common in Pro, home, or auto environments. Pairing with SAVARD Super Tweeters and Compression Drivers will make for a sound system that the most experienced audiophiles will enjoy.

Note: Please see enclosures page for recommended enclosures and number of woofers to use. If you require specific enclosure specifications for your build or would like to consider other options please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss. 


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