Your Privacy & Security Matter to SAVARD SPEAKER SYSTEMS. At SAVARD, we are committed to protecting your privacy and handling every transaction with the utmost security measures in effect. We use the information you supply to process orders and to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. You can feel completely confident your personal information will be kept private and we guarantee every online transaction you make is 100% secure. 

Savard's Approach:

SAVARD will offer a one of a kind assistance in selecting the best woofer for your needs and preferences. 

SAVARD understands that different enthusiasts prefer  certain characteristics out of their sound system. A SAVARD rep will assess your specific wants/expectations to determine which woofer will best fit your “circumstances”. Our rep will guide you in determining the best system for your settings and circumstances based on many factors such as; available air space, enclosure type, available power, preferred sound characteristics, application (Vehicle, Home, Club, etc.), and many more variables. 

SAVARD offers theoretical and realistic solutions ultimately providing

a system specifically tailored to meet or exceed your expectations. 


Engineered in America

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Our Mission:

Imagine sitting center stage and fifth row at a concert held by your favorite band. You can feel the intensity and clarity of each and every note of the drum solo, guitar solo, and every note as it is sung. not only listening to music is captivating, but feeling the music and vibrations is what creates the experience. At Savard, we strive to provide our customers only a way to listen to music but a way to become and feel the music. Enjoying a sound system capable of putting the listener “center stage & fifth row” is a compelling and captivating experience.

Our mission, quite simply, to create a Truly High Performance line of speakers that the audiophile could afford. 

This is why we are bringing back the known quality of Savard products one component at a time. Savard will be re-introducing each product, reengineered using the latest technologies, all the while maintaining the durability and quality performance long associated with the Savard brand.

SAVARD aims to provide QUALITY high performance woofers for a wide range of applications. However, there is no perfect speaker. While one woofer may be an exceptional choice for a bass driver it will tend to lack in other areas of the frequency spectrum. Because of this, SAVARD’s R&D team has designed audio its certain lines of products which are intended to excel in specific areas.

Take time to review each woofer. We go into details regarding each woofers application. In addition, we also provide multiple enclosure details for reference. This allows you to choose a woofer based on space limitations.